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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Michal Grall (Sinister, Unblessed Divine, Trauma) reveals future plans

Michal Grall, musician from Poland, known from such bands as Sinister (legendary Netherdlands Death Metal band), Unblessed Divine (band with ex-Malevolent Creation (US) singer), Trauma (Polish Death Metal act), is now scheduling tons of new music, projects seeking wordwide attention and domination.

Here is what Michal reveals of his planning in the nearest future…

Unblessed Divine (“Dark as Hell Death Metal”)

Full album is planned for Q4 2021 and will be released via Massacre Records.

“The Exalted One” video can be viewed here:

The Black Disorder (Black Metal)

“We have just recorded full length with my “Black Metal” vocals and some keys and solos, lyric video coming up, then the release, yet unsigned.”

“Kneel!” video is available here:

Manslaughter (Death/Black)

3rd album (followup from 2013 “Earthborn Daemon” will feature a cold Black/Death stuff.

Watch “Earthborn Daemon” video here: 

Ddremsabyss (Ambient/Industrial/Neoclassic/Avantgarde)

“One album released, three recorded, scheduled for premiere. This is like a dark soundtrack to fallen worlds like ours at the moment.”

“Paths To Abyss” video can be seen here: 

Furthermore, Michal has two yet-unnamed projects, one of them including Chudy (Trauma vocalist) which is a homage to 90’s Death Metal scene with rotten lyrics about what everyone loves: the dead, bodies, corpses and death.

The other band is intended to be a total solo album located artustically in the softer tones of 90’s Metal like mid-Tiamat, Moonspell (Sin/Pecado) etc.