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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Midnight Bullet released a new single and music video

Finnish heavy metal band Midnight Bullet is set to release their fourth studio album “Hostile Resistance” on March 4th, 2022 via Inverse Records. “Rain on Me” is the first track from the upcoming album and sets the pace right from the first hits! The song represents exactly the straightforward energy that the band wanted to bring back to the new record as well.

Tuomas Lahti, vocals & rhythm guitar:

“So awesome to put out a new song for our friends out there! This song is about social media and how people are desperately trying to reach attention. Sometimes this kind of acting isn’t healthy and this can detach you from reality. Social media can be a very useful tool for marketing and reaching out to fans or friends, but unfortunately, sometimes it’s very easy to see how people are posting pictures only because they want to have some attention. People sometimes use social media just because they want to pose or beg attention.”