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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Mind Of Fury pay respect to the memory of the fallen

Mind Of Fury pay respect to the memory of the fallen with an official video for “Far Away”.

Those who have given their lives for the sake of their country, its security and well-being, the true heroes of the nation that never returned home to their loved ones. The American nation holds dear of its fallen and veterans, never letting their memory slip away. Beyond the sense of loss, there is a way to look up into the bright eyes of the future.

The Heavy Metal trio, Mind Of Fury, which recently released their sophomore album, “The Fire”, shares the memory of those who were lost and gone, but never forgotten, with a video for the song “Far Away”.

“May light shines on the families of those who serve, and those who sacrificed their lives, to protect its nation’s citizens. Thank you for your service.”

Formed in 2015, bursting with melodic Heavy Metal driven spirit, Mind Of Fury was formed by the trio: vocalist / guitarist, Chilean native, Ghee-Yeh, bassist Mike Frankenbush and drummer Henry Moreno (ex-Imagika / ex-Taunted)

The dangerous meeting that is Mind Of Fury is an ensemble of Bay Area Thrash Metal meets Neo-Classical guitar shredding in the vein of Yngwie Malmsteen along with the groove that has been the bread and butter of Pantera.

Throughout the course of their career, the band released their debut, “Do Or Die” (2017) which was highly received by the media, proving the solid base of perfect unison of the band’s multiple directions within Metal. The enthusiasm circling the album secured the band a spot on the 2017’s edition of Rocklahoma Festival.

“Do Or Die”s follow up album, “The Fire”, sees the Mind Of Fury as a signed band, part of the RFL Records growing roster, continues the old school Metal flame that burns within the hearts of its members, capturing quite an attention from the media.