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Friday, September 22, 2023

MindAhead unveil first single “What You Are”

Progressive avant-garde metallers, Italy’s MindAheaD return in 2022 with their sophomore album “6119 Part 1” via Rockshots Records to follow their 2017 debut full-length “Reflections”.

Just like its predecessor, the band’s new offering is once again a concept album with a complex, personal and unusual sound to test the limits of their songwriting. “6119 Part 1” is a continuation of the previous work on “Reflections”, which will tell us the story of 6119, the main character, through a surreal, oneiric journey, always poised between physical space and the realm of the mind. Trapped in this dreamlike kaleidoscope, he proceeds heedless of the consequences, hoping to find at the end of the journey (the “Part II,” currently in production) the reason why all this is happening to him.

Merging different aspects, sometimes opposite, of human feeling, bringing them together in a colorful and personal musical proposal, which has its roots in influences ranging from prog 70s to death metal

The band explains the new album in further detail:

“This album is a concept realized with the aim of telling a story that straddles the line between dystopian science fiction and the psychological investigation of the human mind, so the music and lyrics were created in order to reach these goals. We would like the listening experience to be completely immersive. We would like the listener to be able to take a break from the real world and step into another dimension, one that is distant but at the same time well known, not alien, but almost familiar. The listener should passionately follow the events of ‘6119’ in its inner and outer search for reality, in a story that began in the previous album ‘Reflections’ and will end in the band’s next release, so as to complete a narrative trilogy.”

Today, the band is unveiling the first single “What Your Are” off “6119 Part 1”. The storyline of the track is dedicated to the search for “Emerald Eyes,” the female figure that “6119” encounters on the first album “Reflections”. The song alternates between very powerful moments, such as the beginning, and more reflective and intimate moments such as the central interlude, which takes us back to desert and arabesque sounds and atmospheres.