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Mindless Sinner to release “Turn On The Power” on vinyl

The release date of the of the album “Turn On The Power” by the Swedish Heavy Metal Band Mindless Sinner on vinyl via Pure Steel Records is April 30th, 2021. The album will be released in a limited edition of 300 black copies and insert on vinyl.

“A special treat for the old school metal fans of Pure Steel Records. After the much acclaimed album release of “Poltergeist” about a year ago, we are happy to announce the vinyl re-release of “Turn on the power” by Swedish metal veterans Mindless Sinner.”

“Turn on the Power” was the Northmen’s second long player, recorded in late 1984 and released in early 1986. Mindless Sinner, one of the few bands that still mostly appear in the original line-up of the 1980’s, offer finest old school metal with catchy riffs and great choirs. Mindless Sinner are influenced by Judas Priest and The New Way of British Heavy Metal, which makes the 2021 vinyl edition interesting not only for collectors.

Side A
1. We Go Together
2. I’m Gonna (Have Some Fun)
3. Turn On The Power
4. Live And Die
5. Left Out On My Own
Side B
6. Here She Comes Again
7. Standing On The Stage
8. Voice Of The Doomed
9. Tears Of Pain