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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Mission In Black reveal “Profit Reigns Supreme” album details

5 years after their debut album “Profit Reigns Supreme” sees the light of day in the metal world, which gets to see the new cover for the first time today. It comes from the creative hands of Björn Gooßes / killustrations, a famous german artwort artists.

Mission In Black will release the long-awaited second album on May 12th, 2023. Band founders Andy “Black” Flache and Daniel Tschoepe, together with Simon Schorp, vocal wonder Steffi Stuber and the new guitarist Eddie Stübner, have been able to use the time since the highly acclaimed debut album “Anthem Of A Dying Breed” to write 10 brand new songs and sharpen their own contours. So the upcoming album “Profit Reigns Supreme” can be assigned much more to Melodic Death Metal than the predecessor could claim. The result was “a musical bastard from In Flames & Kreator with female vox & growls”, produced by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann in his “Greenman Studios” in Arnsberg (responsible for the last Orden Ogan albums, Rhapsody of Fire or Brainstorm).

No question: Mission in Black have matured and are ready to bring their music out into the world, just like they did at Summer Breeze in 2022!

1. Profit Reigns Supreme
2. What Does It Take To Be Alive
3. Patron Of The Downfall
4. Dead Alive
5. The Darkness Within
6. Silence Of A Distant Sky
7. This Curse
8. Dreamcatcher
9. Kill Your Idols
10. A Glimmer Of Hope

Andy “Black“ Flache – drums
Eddie Stübner – guitars
Steffi Stuber – vocals
Daniel Tschoepe – guitars
Simon Schorp – bass