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Friday, September 22, 2023

MMTH unveil captivating new single and video “Relais”

“Much like the accompanying music video, of which you can watch above, “RELAIS” takes you on a cinematic journey weaving through stampeding riffs and somber soundscapes that one could drown in. The various facets of the music are so intricately layered that I could easily listen to this particular track on repeat, finding and focusing on something new with each successive listen. It is immensely satisfying following along with the main guitar lead melody and how it transforms as the track ebbs and flows from one contrast to another.”
Everything Is Noise (US)

Blending the ethereal vibes of eighties shoegaze with the profound resonance of post-rock this band effortlessly demonstrates their ability to transport listeners on a sonic journey without the need for lyrics.

In 2017, MMTH’s “Paternoster” appeared out of nowhere. Hailing from the North Sea coast of Germany this quartet quickly gained momentum. Their debut was hailed as the “demo of the month” by Visions magazine and through online voting Arctic Drones readers crowned them one of the standout new post-rock acts of that year. They embarked on a series of shows across Germany and the Netherlands sharing stages with notable acts such as Rosetta, Public Service Broadcasting, Hemelbestormer, Coastlands and Spoiwo. This was followed by a tour alongside their friends from The Clouds Will Clear.

MMTH’s sound diverges from the classic post-rock formula. Exhibiting a stronger groove and rock-oriented essence they veer away from the overly cinematic and clichéd tremolo guitars. While these elements occasionally make appearances MMTH places a higher emphasis on contrasts steering clear of contrived grandiosity. They simply label it as instrumental rock music.

From 2021 onward the band dedicated themselves to crafting their next album. However it wasn’t until 2023 that they finalized the process marked by the departure of guitarist Carlo Persh and the addition of Patrick Büch to the lineup. Under this new constellation they began already composing fresh material.

“Infinite Heights” is entirely self-produced by the band with engineering and mixing carried out by their drummer Hanno Janßen at Dickfehler Studio in Aurich Germany. The mastering was entrusted to film composer Eike Ebbel Groenewold at Klangfeld Studios. The visual aspects of the album and singles were crafted by Christian Bardenhorst featuring photographs taken by bassist Bernd Frikke.

The contrasts within their new music have further expanded yet their dreamy melodies and raw riffs harmoniously coexist weaving a consistent narrative. “Infinite Heights” encapsulates the essence of a fresh chapter that feels like both a culmination and a new beginning.

Scheduled for release on November 17th 2023 “Infinite Heights” will be available on vinyl, CD and all major streaming services. Consisting of six tracks and spanning 31 minutes this release is a collaborative effort with the Poly Unique label. MMTH has planned a series of concerts surrounding the album’s release followed by a tour.