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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Morgan Reid releases new single ”Grand Champ”

After the first single “A Formless Icon”, the Canadian guitar hero Morgan Reid comes back with a new track! The new track is called “Grand Champ” and it is taken from the album “Terran” set to be released later this year.

“Grand Champ” depicts an uphill battle. A journey to achieve the seemingly unattainable. Could this merely be a mundane montage, a recounting of renewed failure..? Or do we find ourselves on the ever elusive path to glory? Looking inward for motivation, the will to continue. How have we made it this far? Standing in darkness with hope waning, we only find purpose in the pursuit of… Once absorbed in our scathing perfection, lost in a fusion of self-doubt. We somehow find ourselves at the foot of the mountain. A helping hand appears! Yet.. What will it take to achieve this?

This crushing metal instrumental track is all about groovy, technical riffs. It’s jam packed with diverse concepts brought together by the catchiest of choruses… and of course, insane solos and epic melodies! As a counterpoint – in contrast to the extreme and often brutal metal riffage, comes a beautiful classical Cello solo. Performed by Friedrich Thiele, a soloist for the SemperOper (Dresden), as he lends his incredible skills on the instrument, as well as being the main character of the accompanying music video.

“Grand Champ” has been performed, written, produced, and mixed by Morgan Reid, mastered by Alan Sacha Laskow. Additional drum performance by Florian Schwalbe. The artwork is created by Morgan Reid using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artist Algorithm called “Midjourney”.

The artist has been supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal German Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.