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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Morrath presents song from debut album

Morrath is a Polish death band formed by members from thrash metal band Prowler in 2020. Fans and reviewers of debut EP defined their style as being close to the American scene, comparing them to bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Suffocation and Incantation, also including elements taken from styles like slam and classic grindcore. Lyrics mainly cover topics like inner struggles and anti-religion.

Band is going to release their first full-length titled “Centuries of Blindness”. Krzysztof Kostencki from Tetra Wave Studio (Sothoris “Wpiekłowstąpienie”) is responsible for the production of the album. The album cover was created by the band’s bassist Mieszko Jankowski. Date of release is scheduled on April 20, 2023 and will be released in Europe by Metal Is The Law Productions and in America by Diabolus Production. The pre-order of the album will be launched soon on the band’s Bandcamp.

Band commentary about the album:

“With “Centuries of Blindness” we want to express our understanding of death metal – our favorite genre, it expresses our feelings and emotions, our views. No less important was the willingness to release an album that will be good and worth returning to it – we have dreamt about it since Prowler times, at the beginning of our music voyage, when we even could not play our instruments”.

1. No God to Come
2. Where Salvation Meets the Rot
3. Crimson Demons
4. New God Exalted
5. Primal Addiction
6. Spiral of Pain
7. Undying Grief
8. Awaiting the Inevitable
9. In the Crypts of Profanity


Mateusz Hertmanowski – vocals
Bartek Maśląkowski – guitars
Szymon Wyrwiński – guitars
Mieszko Jankowski – bass
Miłosz Maik – drums