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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Motor Sister announces new album “Get Off”

Motor Sister is thrilled to announce their forthcoming album “Get Off”, set to be released on May 6 via Metal Blade Records. The band has also shared lead single “Can’t Get High Enough”.

Vocalist/guitarist Jim Wilson shares:

“We wanted to make a high energy, kick ass rock & roll record from top to bottom. All killer, no filler.”

Adds bassist Joey Vera:

“Our first record ‘Ride’ was a collection of songs we re-recorded from the band Mother Superior which was great, but I’m stoked that we had this chance to actually get into a room together and write this batch of all new material. We keep in mind where this band originated from but we get to take it to totally different levels.”

About the new single, guitarist Scott Ian explains:

“‘Can’t Get High Enough’ is a straight-up ripper from start to finish.”