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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Myrkur returns with the new single

Myrkur returns with the new single, “Dronning Ellisiv”. Recorded during the Folkesange album sessions, “Dronning Ellisiv” sees Amalie Bruun harnessing the very magic that has made her new album so special, from soaring atmospheres to lush instrumentations accompanying Bruun’s bold, immense voice, Dronning Ellisiv is cinematic in every way.

The single, a reimagining of a song by the great Harald Foss, tells the tale of the Grand Prince Yaroslav of Novgorod and his daughter Elisiv of Kiev. Elisiv would later marry King Harald of Norway and become Queen Consort of Norway in the 1040’s. Immersive and ethereal, the mood of Dronning Ellisiv dives into the source material and continues to evoke the sounds of expansive folk music, breathing new life into an old Nordic tale. Nostalgic and timeless, “Dronning Ellisiv” continues to usher in a new era for Bruun and Myrkur.

Myrkur recently shared her new collaboration with The Sims for a re-recording of the song “Onde Børn” in Simlish! The video, a behind the scenes look at the recording at Lava Studio in Denmark, is streaming at the official Myrkur YouTube channel. Shot and edited by Rasmus Malmstrøm.