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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Mystic Circle music video for “The Scarecrow”

2022 saw the unholy return of the German extrem metal band Mystic Circle, releasing their self-titled new studio-album and marking a furious comeback, which even made them enter the offical German album charts on a sensational #78. The inspiration kept flowing and the two main members Beelzebub and Blackwar created nine new tracks for their ninth studio album, which is called “Erzdämon” and see the light of day on March, 17th 2023 on their new label Fireflash Records.

The band release their first new single, plus their music video for “The Scarecrow”.

1. Erzdämon (Part 1)
2. From Hell
3. Unholy Trinity
4. The Scarecrow
5. Asmodeus And The Temple Of God
6. Welcome To The Midnight Mass
7. The Mothman
8. Skinwalker
9. The Princess Of The Deadly Sins (Erzdämon Part 2)

“This new album is a logical continuation and further development of the previous album, more detailed and leading more into the world of horror. The satanic, demonic themes got combined with mystical legends of old stories that will make your blood run cold. Musically this is evoked with new and darker sounds and samples as well as classic heavy metal parts“,

comments the band and describes their new journey as a mixture of “Drachenblut”, “Infernal Satanic Verses” and “Mystic Circle”.

“We gave the the album a German title, because we wanna close a circle and go back to our early days. “Erzdämon” sounds powerful and sublime and represents the album 100%.“

For the album cover, Mystic Circle worked with Rafael Tavares again, who came up with the perfect artwork. The production with Nils Lesser continues seamlessly from the previous album: bombastic, brutal and massive!

“The new record contains the fastest, but also the most doomy songs in the band’s history“,

the band sums up.

Fotocredit: TRINAMICS Creative Media / Sascha Kutzke