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Friday, September 22, 2023

Naked Soldier releases homonymous debut album

The Swiss hard rock/stoner rock band Naked Soldier is thrilled to announce that its homonymous debut album has been released via Sixteentimes Music!

“Naked Soldier” gives us the portrait of a band that, at its first effort, already knows how to make good music. The nine tracks flow nicely, well-structured, displaying a natural inclination to the groovy riffs, and with Patrik Caminadar’s impressive vocal performance that will easily stand out in your ears.

Naked Soldier‘s lyrics are about life affirming, positive stuff, and a bit socially critical lyrics straight out of reality. The album is a collection of narratives, recounting the chasms of our reality in the modern world. The band tries to encourage the listener to climb out of those depths, even though it might be hard at times.