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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Narnia to launch an epic tribute to the legendary Swedish band

Since the beginning of its career, Narnia has created a close relationship with their Latin American fans. The whole continent embraced the band with enthusiasm, providing them with loyal and passionate followers. Their music, with its infectious energy, inspiring lyrics and impressive technical skill, resonates deeply with Latin American fans, who can relate to the intensity and emotion transmitted by their songs.

The band recognizes and values this unconditional support, and this is reflected in their close relationship with their Latin American fans. They performed twice in Mexico and also toured twice in South America, and with another successful tour this time visiting the 3 Americas (North, Central and South) just ended. These live shows are moments of celebration, where fans and band come together in an atmosphere of pure energy. Energy that is unparalleled and Narnia always makes a point of reciprocating, delivering intense and memorable performances.

In addition, the band maintains constant contact with fans through social networks and other online platforms. They interact regularly, responding to comments, sharing updates, and establishing a more personal connection. This virtual proximity allows fans to feel like being part of the Narnia family, closely following the band’s creative process, news and achievements.

Initially born as a project related to the celebrations of 25 years of Narnia celebrated in 2021, this tribute album is a tribute made with love and a lot of commitment to honor those who have blessed our lives for years with their uplifting lyrics and high quality music.

Here we find bands and musicians from countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil, and some of them have even had the opportunity to open a show at one of the shows on the 2017, 2019 or 2023 tours, but all have a major influence of Narnia on their musical careers.

The songs present here were selected with care, providing a concise overview of the band’s career, respecting their original characteristics but also providing them with special details that make them unique and unparalleled jewels, thus showing the quality, commitment and dedication of Latin American bands to all the world.

The physical release will take place through En Hakkore Records, the producer responsible for the tour, and can be purchased at any of the shows. The album will be available on streaming platforms at the end of October.

Cover art by: Celso Alves

Video by: DanyMaxGatica

‘Show All The World: A Latin American Tribute to Narnia” teaser trailer:

1. Renatinho Stauros (BRA) – Desert Land (from ‘The Great Fall’ album)
2. dElohim (BRA) – Sail Around The World (from ‘Course Of The Generation’ album)
3. Dynasty Of Metal (BRA) – Long Live The King (from ‘Long Live The King’ album)
4. Allos (BRA) – The Witch And The Lion (from ‘Desert Land’ álbum)
5. Sunroad (BRA) – Shelter Through The Pain (from ‘Long Live The King’ album)
6. Angura (PRI, MEX, CHI) – Living Water (from ‘Long Live The King’ album)
7. Rota de Escape (BRA) – Break The Chains (from ‘The Awakening’ album)
8. IronLand (MEX) – This Is My Life (from ‘Enter The Gate’ álbum)
9. Proyecto Aslan (ARG,BRA) – The Countdown Has Begun (from ‘The Great Fall’ album)
10. Boanerges (ARG) – When The Stars Are Falling (from ‘Course Of The Generation’ album)
11. Azorrague & Friends (BRA) – Back From Hell (from ‘The Great Fall’ album)
12. YeanPierre Caipo (PER) – Hymn To The North (from ‘Enter The Gate’ álbum)