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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Nebesa Metal Fest, Sinj, Croatia, July 15th, 2023

Nebesa Metal Fest is a metal music festival from Sinj, Croatia, created as a combination of defiance and love; defiance towards the past (and current) situation in the world and love for heavy metal!

The name “Nebesa” (eng. Heaven) was taken in honor of the beautiful locality called Pavića Nebesa, where the first iteration of this festival was to be held. Fascinated by the natural beauty of the Sinj region and the tireless desire to turn thunder’s power into a supersonic metal attack, the first festival Nebesa was organized in 2021. Nebesa as a metal festival includes all genres of metal music, and the very goal of the festival is the promotion of the local underground metal scene, which does not have the opportunity to show its power to the audience at other alternative music festivals.

“Promotion of the underground, consistency with our ideals and worship of ancient metal legends are our passion and oath.”

So far, many young bands from the local metal scene, as well as bigger names from the Croatian scene, have performed at “Nebesa”. At the first edition of the festival, the bands Štakori, Neman, Obsidian, The Countess, Cidium, Delirij and Krucificadores were included, while at the second edition the focus was on powerful riffs by the bands A Gram Trip, Achachak, Porko Dio, Old Night, Radagast and Kosir.

This year in the middle of July, to be exact on July 15th, 2023, the third edition of Nebesa Metal Fest will be held at the City Hippodrome in Sinj. This year the bands Rđa, Buzzsaw, Nigmar, Grob, Wizard of Stone Mountain, Porazium and Serpentslain will show their horns!

Come to Sinj for a hot metal atmosphere and ice cold beer!

Free camp!
Entrance: €5

See you in Heaven!