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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Necronomicon to release new full-length album “Constant To Death”

German thrash veterans Necronomicon proudly announce their new, 11th full-length concept album, entitled “Constant To Death”! The release is set for April 28th 2023 via El Puerto Records.

With their eleventh studio album, Necronomicon embark on an explosive tightrope walk between Thrash, Punk and Power Metal. It was recorded and produced it in the band’s own headquarters and mixed and mastered by Achim K√∂hler.

Frontman Freddy describes “Constant To Death” as his most modern and at the same time most personal album:

“There’s everything in these 12 songs, from typical Necronomicon sounds to catchy Power Metal to my musical origins of Punk.”

Due to the worldwide events, the album title “Constant To Death” is also the main theme of the lyrics. The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, churches and their sexual abuse, child poverty and hunger…there are very serious and sociocritical lyrics, which turn out accordingly dismal.

1. Constant To Death
2. They Lie
3. Redemption
4. Stored In Blood
5. The Guilty Shepherd
6. A Voice For The Voiceless
7. Black Rain
8. Children Cry Alone
9. Bloodrush
10. Down From Above
11. The Blood Runs Red
12. Poverty Show
13. Outro