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Necrotesque announce debut album on CD

Necrotesque (“Necrotic” & “Grotesque”) was founded amidst the pandemic in 2021. Arjan and Dave just wanted to create no-nonsense death metal and after writting the first songs asked Harald and Lodewijk to participate in the remaining duties. Necrotesque is old school death metal! With members with a combined background in death metal, doom, Rock-‘n-Roll, black metal and thrash. The result is a groovy and swinging mix of chainsaw brutality with which you can go crazy in the moshpit!

Music was recorded. mixed and mastered by Rick Valcon at The Meister Geleen (Dead End, Martyr, Sectarian). Cover artwork was done by Dedy Badic Art who cooperated with such bands as Anatomia, Demonical and Revel In Flesh.

Debut album titled “The Perpetuated Festering” was released digitally January 21st, 2023. CD will be released April 30th, 2023 together with Vidar Records.