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Monday, September 25, 2023

Necrotted releases the first single “Ignorance Is Fear”

After announcing the release of their new studio album “Imperium”, the southern German death-lead-commando Necrotted now releases the first single “Ignorance Is Fear”.

The new album will be released on 22 September 2023 via Reaper Entertainment & Blood Blast.

“Ignorance Is Fear” was – like the whole album – recorded by Jeff from Defocus and mixed and mastered by Björn from Acranius. The music video for the new song was again produced by Sio Motion.

The band comments:

” ‘Ignorance Is Fear’ is another single that we proudly present to you including a professional music video. The new song shows another side of our musical work and can convince with driving slam parts and breakdowns as well as with old-school death metal riffs. For this song we also brought in Tomáš of Abbie Falls and Simon of Defocus as guest vocalists. We just toured with both bands in April, with whom we’re connected by a band friendship. The content of the new single criticizes the ignorance and the political disinterest as well as the fear of everything new and strange of people who live and think only in their microcosm.
Furthermore, we’re insanely that we’ll release another, meanwhile fifth full-length studio album in September 2023, which will be called ‘Imperium’.”

“Imperium” will feature these 9 songs:

1. A Veiled Awakening
2. Empire Of Greed
3. Sow Sorrow For Victory
4. Artificial Truth
5. Ignorance is fear
6. Round X: Freedom V Security
7. Emperor
8. Order Beyond All Bounds
9. My Reign Come, My Will Be Done