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Thursday, September 28, 2023

No Zodiac to release two-song 7” via 1126 Records

Heavy hardcore mainstays No Zodiac will release a new two-song 7″ on 1126 Records this Fall. The release serves as the band’s first new musical output in over five years. In celebration, the band recently unleashed A-side track “Self Inflicted”, featuring Joe Bad of Fit For An Autopsy, for public consumption.

Vocalist Rolo Hernandez comments:

“The song is about substance abuse. Whether that be on the side of the user, or the supplier. I can be a self-destructive person and I have no one to blame but myself. I am a practicing Satanist and believe in the freedom of indulgence. Freedom or not, every action in life has a consequence. This song is about that realization.”

No Zodiac hails from Phoenix, Arizona. For over a decade, the group has blended elements of metal, hardcore, and beatdown into their specific brand of brutality. Their lyrics often revolve around themes of societal issues, personal struggles, and introspection. Returning with their first new music in five years, No Zodiac will continue to impact on the metal and hardcore scene.

Photo by Josh White