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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Northtale are working on basic guitar and bass tracks

Swedish-American power metal supergroup Northtale, who entered the studio 2 weeks to record their new album, are currently working on basic guitar and bass tracks.

Bill Hudson stated:

“At this point, we have drums completely tracked. We’re currently working on basic guitar and bass tracks simultaneously. We really had not intended on recording this album remotely, but it is what it is.
As cliché as it is to say, I can positively state that this album will be much better than our first. There are many reasons for this: The songs are better written, the melodies are catchier, we have been a band for longer, as well as two very special words: Dennis Ward. Holy shit does that guy make a difference! Makes me really wish we had him when we did the first album.
As far as the guitars go, I chose a very analog setup at home, with a real amp and real cabinet blasting and moving air in the room. While yes, we will still reamp guitars like everyone else, the feel of a real amp and tubes pushing air cannot be replaced with an amp modeler. I’d say that fact alone would make a huge difference when it comes to the guitars, compared to our first album.
Once we’re done with all this, we will move on to the most delicate part of the process: The vocals. This time around, the vocal melodies are much more melodic, catchy and mature. The lyrics will also be a whole different monster. We have songs about self improvement, history, environmental concerns, religion and much more. Still no dragons, unicorns or wizards though.
And of course, the elephant in the room: Our new singer has delivered some mind blowing demos that had me listening to them on repeat, just for the enjoyment of it. His voice is so clean (if you were expecting us to go more aggressive, forget it) with a beautiful top range and rich, powerful lows. Our fans will not be disappointed, the vocal style will not change. The only disappointed people will be the ones who expected us to go bluesy/raspy on the vocals. Not gonna happen!
In summary, this album will 100% live up to and shatter your expectations. We can’t wait to finish it and show it to the world.
Bill, Patrick, Mikael, Jimmy and our new singer