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Friday, September 22, 2023

Nuclear Remains to release debut LP

Maggot Stomp presents “Dawn Of Eternal Suffering”, the merciless debut LP from Phoenix, Arizona-based brutal death metal quartet Nuclear Remains.

Nevada Test Site. 1953. A mushroom cloud fills the sky over the six-hundred-eighty square-mile nuclear testing zone. Over the next four decades, thousands of nuclear explosions were detonated on the site. Seventy years later the true horrors of those tests are unveiling themselves downwind in the deserts of Arizona.

Arizona. Present day. A breeding ground for a new generation of mutants waving the death metal flag. Leading the charge from the fallout is Nuclear Remains, playing a mix of raw, punishing, and unforgiving brutal death metal with an old-school sound. Drawing influence from a host of bands around long before the young members mutated to life, vocalist Aiden Santelli, guitarist Anthony Fazio, bassist Gabe Villont, and drummer Anthony Buchowski cite Skinless, Dying Fetus and Mortal Decay as some of their biggest influences.

After manifesting those influences with 2022’s four-song “Radioactive Decomposition” demo, playing multiple out-of-state and hometown shows with the likes of BDM veterans Defeated Sanity, Devourment, Cenotaph, and Malignancy, Nuclear Remains is preparing to detonate their debut LP, Dawn Of Eternal Suffering.

“Tripling Down On The Brutality,” Fazio states, “the new LP expands on the horrific realities and consequences of nuclear war and thermonuclear brutal death!”

“Dawn Of Endless Suffering” was recorded at Infrasound Studio in Queen Creek, Arizona, mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, and completed with artwork by Colter Masson and logo by Dylan Perry.

Nuclear Remains’ “Dawn Of Endless Suffering” will be released through Maggot Stomp on LP, CD, CS, and digital platforms on July 14th. Watch for audio previews and more to post over the weeks ahead.

photo by Adam Gutierrez

1. Dawn Of Eternal Suffering
2. Subterranean Breeding
3. Thermobaric Asphyxiation
4. Sickening Depravity
5. Eaten By Mutants
6. Disintegrated In Misery
7. Horrific Decapitation
8. Sodomizing The Skinless