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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Nuutti Hannula Radianssi announce new single “Kahden Maailman Rajalla”

Nuutti Hannula Radianssi is a new band of former Fireproven drummer and composer Nuutti Hannula. Today the band announce their new single “Kahden Maailman Rajalla”, set to be released on December 2nd. The song is a combination of progressive metal with Finnish lyrics. The other members of the band are former Fireproven keyboard player Ilari Hannula and guitarist Matias Lehtoranta.

Single credits:
Composition and lyrics: Nuutti Hannula
Arrangement: Nuutti Hannula Radianssi
Producers: Matias Lehtoranta, Ilari Hannula, Janne Väätämöinen and Nuutti Hannula
Mixing and mastering: Matias Lehtoranta
Drum recording: Rosku Lohineva (Sonic pump studios)
Guitar, bass and vocal recording: Matias Lehtoranta
Sound engineering: Matias Lehtoranta
Keyboard recording: Ilari Hannula and Nuutti Hannula

Promopics: Sanna Solanterä
Cover art and logo: Petri Lampela

Nuutti Hannula Radianssi are:
Nuutti Hannula: drums, vocals, rhythm guitar and bass
Ilari Hannula: keyboard
Matias Lehtoranta: rhythm guitar and solo guitar