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Friday, September 22, 2023

Nyia to release “Head Held High” on vinyl for first time

Moans Music and Fabryka Hałasu will release the 2004 debut album “Head Held High” from Polish defunct act Nyia for the first time on vinyl on 24th February 2023. This follows a limited local-only run of the LP in the band and label’s home country.

“Head Held High” was originally released in 2004 via Candlelight Records and is considered by connoisseurs as one of the most important underground releases of the start of the century. Nyia was a so-called supergroup of Polish musicians as it consisted of the following members on its debut album: Bogdan Kondracki, Wojciech Szymański (both ex-Kobong, Neuma), Jarosław „China” Łabieniec (ex-Vader), Piotr Bartczak (ex-Dies Irae) as well as the late Szymon Czech (ex-Prophecy, Third Degree).

The journey for Nyia started in 1999 and it included two albums – “Head Held High” (2004) and “More than You Expect” (2007) – and a split release with Antigama (2007). Early on before the release of the debut album, Nyia’s heavy and non-compromising music caught Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury’s ear. He was so impressed that he helped the band find a record label and recommended Nyia to British-based Candlelight Records. The label signed up the band very quickly and released “Head Held High”. While the relationship with Candlelight was initially meant to last longer than that, the band had to find a different home for its next full-length album. The second and last album “More Than You Expect” was released by Shane Embury and Mick Kenney’s (Anaal Nathrakh) FETO Records a few years later. The band had offers to tour with Napalm Death but those plans along with any future music slowly became an afterthought.

Although there are no plans to resurrect Nyia, thanks to this special remastered release by Moans Music and Fabryka Hałasu, metal maniacs are invited to experience Nyia in all its glory. “Head Held High” demonstrates what Nyia was – operating on its own plane and crushing all assumptions and preconceptions. Non-compromising music, not for the fainthearted.

Further details regarding pre-orders via Moans Music and Fabryka Hałasu to be revealed soon.

Poto credit: Bartek Rogalewicz