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Sunday, December 10, 2023

NYOS return with experimental lo-fi video for new single

Finland-based avant-garde duo NYOS have released an abstract, deceptively lo-fi video to accompany “Butter”, the final single from the imminent new album “Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever”, set for release on October 27th via Berlin’s Pelagic Records.

Internationally renowned for their explosive live show, which features layer upon layer of looped guitars and polyrhythmic percussion, “Butter” sees the pair dial down the tempo but ramp the intensity way up. Syncopated grooves and intricate cymbal work from drummer Tuomas Kainulainen simmer restlessly as guitarist Tom Brooke’s repeated refrains give way to a series of sprawling, reverb-drenched chord sequences.

Directed by experimental video artist Bereen Ondo, aka Pietu Arvola, the video for “Butter” is the mesmerising result of found VHS footage and analogue hardware colliding with AI-inspired generation and 4K fidelity. The unsettling effect of the video, with the viewer unsure whether what they’re being shown is entirely real, is a perfect mirror for NYOS’ almost unbelievable balance of compositional control and improvisational creative chaos.

NYOS formed in 2014 after Brooke moved to Finland to establish his own recording studio, Tonehaven. The duo wrote their debut longform release, 2015’s six-part concept single “Vltava”, within a matter of practices and have since honed their razor-sharp musicality across five subsequent full-length releases and hundreds of shows around the world with international contemporaries including Zeal & Ardor, Esben & The Witch and 2016 Mercury Prize nominees The Comet Is Coming.

The third and final single from the band’s fourth full album, “Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever”, the palpable atmosphere of “Butter” is testament to the patience, precision and power that comes with such a unique musical bond.

To celebrate the release of “Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever”, NYOS will be touring extensively across Europe:

26.10.2023 – Vagonu Hall, Riga, LV
27.10.2023 – XI20, Vilnius, LT
28.10.2023 – Chmury, Vilnius, LT
29.10.2023 – Café V Lese, Prague, CZ
30.10.2023 – Nemesis Art Club, Timișoara, RO
31.10.2023 – Singles, Sofia, BG
01.11.2023 – A38, Budapest, HU
02.11.2023 – Channel Zero, Ljubljana, SI
04.11.2023 – Point 11, Sion, CH
05.11.2023 – Salle des Fêtes, Morthomiers, FR
06.11.2023 – En veux-tu? En v’là, Paris, FR
07.11.2023 – Le Barailleur, Vannes, FR
08.11.2023 – Le Huit, La Rochelle, FR
09.11.2023 – Post: Scriptum, Toulouse, FR
10.11.2023 – Bonberenea, Tolosa, ES
11.11.2023 – La Faena II, Madrid, ES
12.11.2023 – Plug In The Gear, Benicarlo, ES
13.11.2023 – Ateneu Popular de 9 Barris, Barcelona, ES
14.11.2023 – Spazio Varco, Cuneo, IT
15.11.2023 – Trenta Formiche, Roma, IT
18.11.2023 – Wet Mary, Genova, IT
19.11.2023 – Circolo Dev, Bologna, IT

Credit: Javier Martin-Romo / Limbo Agency