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Monday, October 18, 2021

Nytt Land releases mesmerizing music video for “Blood of the North”

Last month, Nordic dark folk duo Nytt Land released their new album “Ritual”, delivering a thrilling piece of Scandinavian and Siberian folklore and culture. Today, the Russian duo comes through with an astonishing official music video for “Blood of the North” that brings the spiritual journey of Ritual full circle.

The core element of “Blood of the North” is the talharpa, continuously humming a mystic melody, accompanied by bells, accentuating the footsteps of an arcane shaman. Followed by tension-rising drums, the journey reaches its final destination. The ambient soundscape of “Blood of the North” builds on trance-like visuals and a dark sound that truly feels like a ritual – a silent spell, spoken without words, shallowly cast upon you.

Nytt Land on their new video:

“This instrumental track is a culmination of the album Ritual. A very deep, epic composition plunging into a trance with the beats of drums and the hoarse voice of talharpa.

The visualization of this composition was conceived even before the release of the album. Exactly like that. With mystic, faceless imagery and nature as the most important part of Nytt Land’s creativity.”

Russian Nordic folk and ambient project Nytt Land offer a dark, otherworldly experience with their new seventh studio album, Ritual, out now via Napalm Records.

This eight-song rarity tell tales of gods and heroes, born centuries ago and preserved in traditions, expressed in a unique sonic experience that can best be described by the duo itself as shamanic dark folk. On “Ritual”, Nytt Land effortlessly pulls listeners into a world of ancient percussive instrumentation and vocal tradition. Thematically, their work echoes many stories from Norse mythology and historic texts such as the Poetic Edda.

Nytt Land state:

“All our songs are, first of all, our personal experience, how we perceive reality around us. Ritual is the release of inner, primal energy through music, words, dances and images. This is what the world and the universe was born into. And we want to share our part of this energy with you.”