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Monday, October 18, 2021

Obscure Fate released a single “Black Moon”

Obscure Fate was initially formed in 2008 as a solo project by guitarist/songwriter Kaleva Kovalainen in Paltamo, Finland. The band released a new single “Black Moon” and it is taken from their upcoming EP “Raven’s Call” which is set to be released on April 1st 2021 by Inverse Records.

Lyricist Tapio Härkönen states:

“Black Moon handles death and the feelings regarding to it. One can anyway interpret the lyrics in its own way.” 

Composer Kaleva Kovalainen states:

“This track represents the newer productions for the oldest track from the EP is already composed over ten years ago. Black Moon has appropriate amount of different elements combined that are established on Obscure Fate’s music.”