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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Obsidious release new track “Bound by Fire”

Technical prog band Obsidious is now releasing another brand new single “Bound by Fire”. The track is accompanied by a video, which can now be viewed on the link below.

The song is taken from the band’s upcoming debut album “Iconic”, which will be released on October 28, 2022 via Season of Mist. Pre-orders for the new album will start soon.

Obsidious comment on the track:

“Another song with descriptive lyrics, this time dealing with a subject, unfortunately, on everyone’s lips at present: the horrors of wars and armed conflicts. The suffering of innocent people who have little or nothing to do with it, seeing their lives cut short. People who see their comrades die and, in other cases, are even forced to kill people they knew or were friends with just because they were on the opposite side. Killing or dying for something they did not start. One of humanity’s most brutal dichotomies.”

Picture by: Axel Winkler/ Blackened Cult Photography