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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Oceans of Slumber releases music video for “The Hanging Tree”

Oceans of Slumber release their long-awaited 5th album, “Starlight and Ash”, via Century Media Records. To celebrate the release the band have dropped the music video for “The Hanging Tree”, which was directed by Angela Herr and Bianca Greene for FirstSight Agency, and is conceptionally connected to the band’s previous music video for “The Lighthouse”. Watch “The Hanging Tree”, below.

“An old childhood home, a frequently visited spot along the meadow, a closet we pass in our grandmother’s house, a tree in the town center that has scars from its terrible past…places hold memories and they never forget them even when buried under the changes of time”,

says Cammie Beverly about “The Hanging Tree”.

Equipped with a profoundly deep musical background, a staunch reverence for the American South, and starry-eyed artistic curiosity, Oceans of Slumber have created a sonic expression like no other. “Starlight and Ash” isn’t a mere compilation of songs, but it comes with an underlying concept, Cammie Beverly (vocals) states:

“The album ‘Starlight and Ash’ is scenery and stories inspired by characters, settings, and themes from the band’s (traumatic) childhood experiences. These encounters are woven into the lives and tales of individuals in a fictitious community living on the Gulf Coast.”