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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Oldskull release new music video for “Time To Kill”

Oldskull is an Old School Death Metal studio solo project, created in 2020 by the Portuguese musician/producer Paulo Soares (Rageful, Torn Fabriks). 

Paulo is an old-school metalhead, known in the underground Portuguese metal scene for his work as a drummer and producer in some local bands such as Rageful (formerly Wall Of Death) and Torn Fabriks, but he is also a skilled multi-instrumentalist/vocalist who have been doing some side solo stuff and studio collaborations with other musicians/producers around the world, performing and recording/mixing from his own project studio known as Oldskull, Sound Studios.

The idea behind the creation of this project has some years old, but only now, due to the current pandemic world situation, was possible to him properly re-record some old demos and write new songs, with the goal of releasing a full-length album.

The upcoming debut will consist in a 10-track release, inspired by the Old School Swedish Death Metal scene from the early 90’s (Entombed, Dismember, Unleashed) but the release format is still unknown, as the project is currently seeking for a label to release.