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Friday, December 8, 2023

Ols releases new track “Nie ma światła w oknach”

Ols, the one-woman dark neofolk project from Poland, has released the next single from the upcoming fourth album “Pustkowia”, which will be released on 20 October via Pagan Records.

“The strongest track on the album. Perhaps the most needed one”, said Anna Maria Olchawa, the only member of Ols. “A scream that has long matured in my gut to reveal itself. The trauma had to be vomited. The recording of this track had a therapeutic dimension for me. And it came so naturally to me that I was surprised. This is a track with virtually no vocal corrections. I stopped, started screaming and it was gone. The text is short because nothing else needs to be said in it. I know what it is about for me, and every person who has had their own unpleasant experiences gets a place to write their story here.”

“Pustkowia” (“Wastelands” from Polish) takes the project to the next level and brings more of what Ols stands for. It is darker, heavier, bolder and more varied, but also sadder, more emotional and extremely personal. The common denominator linking all the compositions is emptiness: abandonment, dying out and decay, both in the literal sense (abandoned places, deserted settlements, ruins consumed by greenery) and metaphorical (emotional emptiness, rejection, exclusion).

Musically, each track on the album is different; from metal-like pieces, through disturbing ritual chants, to mesmerising, trance-like lullabies. As on the previous records, the song arrangements are based on polyphonic vocal parts, accompanied by a whole gallery of instruments. On “Pustkowia”, typical dark-folk instruments with ritual drums, a brass section and drone bass have been enriched with solutions from the metal yard, and in the vocal parts include growls, screams and shrieks, emphasising the emotional nature of the songs.