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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Omnicidal unveil the new single “WWD”

Swedish death metal newcomers Omnicidal unveil the new single “WWD”, taken from their debut album “The Omnicidalist” which will be released on April 7th 2023 via Non Serviam Records.

“This song is a war machine which has an intense drive and go. An energetic bomb which bursts and captures the listener with its fast straight forwardness. It is about the fact that we are closer to a world war than most think. History repeats, only in other shapes and forms but the shit inside is still the same”,

comments the band.

1. By Knife
2. WWD
3. The Passenger
4. Cemetary Scream
5. Infernum
6. The Neverborn
7. The Reaping
8. Narcissistic Abuse
9. Ten Shots
10. Slow Decay

Born in 2019 Omnicidal – Sebastian “Hravn” Svedlund (ex-Rimfrost), Fredrik Jordanius (ex- Egonaut/Lake Of Tears), Andreas Strandh (ex-Sister Sin) and Jansson “Jansson” Jansson (ex-Devilicious) – intend to manifest the ultimate mix of the old, putrid Swedish chainsaw sound with the slightly more melodic sound of the Gothenburg area.

Omnicidal recorded all the backing tracks live at Soundport while vocals and solos were recorded by the band themselves at Jordaniusounds studio in Borås. Mikael MRG Andersson took care of mixing and mastering at Soundport studio.

Omnicidal are:
Sebastian Svedlund – vocals, guitars
Fredrik Jordanius – guitars
Andreas Strandh – bass
Stefan Jansson – drums

Photo by Jonas Wångström