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Friday, September 22, 2023

Paradogmata release “The Cleansing Flood”

Few bands encapsulate the raw power and intricate artistry of the thrash/melodic death metal genre quite like Paradogmata. Comprised of Trondheim metal veterans, the Norwegian outfit has released a tantalizing trio of tracks as a prelude to their debut album, “Endetid”. Their genre-defying sound, a blend of blackened US thrash and melodic death metal, captivates listeners while conveying themes reflecting today’s complex world.

Reflecting on their creative process, vocalist Frank Bøkseth reveals:

“Per comes up with most of the riffs. Usually, bass player Svein also throws in some stuff, and drummer Bo adds his stuff. We all arrange the songs together, and sometimes the final result ends up a bit different than first planned.”

This collaborative process led to their latest releases, which vary from the groovy thrasher “Seven Curses for the Deathly Pale” to the buzzy, fast-paced “The Seeds of Greed.”

The band draws from a wide range of influences, which Bøkseth acknowledges are “spread all over the board.” They strive for a classic sound, steering away from modern ‘core shite’. This commitment to their craft has resulted in a sonic style that is uniquely Paradogmata, a sound that Bøkseth acknowledges “is not that easily pinpointed.”

These riveting tracks also hold significant thematic weight, grappling with issues of power, money, and religion. As they put it, their lyrics are “mostly about the abuse of money, power and religion – quite often in combo, as in life. The world’s going to the shits, and we willingly comply.” These themes reflect the everyday struggles articulated in thrash lyrics since the late 80’s.

“Endetid” represents a milestone in Paradogmata’s evolution as a band.

“As this is our first album after 5 years as a band we see the evolution right here,” the band states. “There are vast differences between the oldest songs and the newest ones, and the development continues.”

They hope their fans will connect with this progression and join them on their musical journey.

Paradogmata’s trio of riveting tracks – “The Seeds of Greed,” “Seven Curses for the Deathly Pale,” and “The Cleansing Flood,” all meticulously crafted and thematically resonant, set the stage for their debut album. This sonic journey, embellished with guest vocals and captivating artwork, is just a taste of what’s to come with “Endetid.”

The album, mixed and mastered at Granraude Studio during winter 2022/23, features seven core tracks plus three bonus tracks. Adding to the album’s allure are guest vocals from Robert Lowe (Candlemass/Solitude Aeturnus) on the song “The Princes in The Tower.”

As they gear up for the release of “Endetid”, Paradogmata is prepared to shake up the thrash/melodic death metal scene, offering fans a fresh, powerful sound. As they state:

“We’re taking it one step at a time, so do please join the ride with us.”

Join Paradogmata in their journey as they redefine the boundaries of thrash/melodic death metal. With their debut album “Endetid” on the horizon, this Norwegian outfit promises to be an act to watch out for.