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Friday, March 24, 2023

Parallel Minds released a new single “Stay”

Have you ever felt alone and abandoned?
Have you ever been far from home and lost among the unknown?

All you want is to stay then. Stay with your beloved ones. Stay is the only thing that matters sometimes.

The new Parallel Minds’ somber ballad “Stay” will tear your heart out with beautiful melodies and strong steps up until the amazing apotheosis is made of cries and haunting solos.

“Stay” is the 4th single from critically acclaimed Parallel Minds’ 3rd album “Echoes From A Far” out on September 30th.

Their first two albums were unanimously hailed by international critics (Around 80% of metascore on more than 40 reviews for each album). It was time for an even more ambitious sequel, and there it is: This third album pushes all the boundaries in terms of songwriting, emotion, heaviness and production. An album that cannot be tamed all at once, and will require many listenings to grasp its subtleties, although it is surprisingly ear-candy.

Looking for heavy stuff? No Fate and its djent mood should make you headbang! Some real “Sabbath-ish” heavy piece? Here is Provider of Sins.
The “Stay” ballad will tighten your throat with emotion, while the final 12-minute piece goes from intimate piano duo to frenzied speed metal.

Follow them through the meanders of space and some of the best works of science fiction. Let yourself be carried away by these “Echoes From A Far”.

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