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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Parasite Inc. released first single and music video

The melodic death metal quartet from Germany has used the two years of pandemic without concerts to finish the long-awaited third studio album. The new output is thereby both harder and softer, at the same time faster and slower, more modern and yet more 80s is, than the predecessors.

The first single, however, leaves no questions unanswered as to which spectrum of these musical opposites it might fit into: No prisoners are taken here! “I am” is fast, aggressive and uncompromising.

The matching video for the song was produced in collaboration with Peter Leukhardt (Annisokay, Beyond the Black & Rising Insane, among others) and Tillypark Studios and skillfully translates the rapid pace of the track into a visual spectacle.

Statement from the band:

“The overall mood of the songs on “Cyan Night Dreams” will be darker than on the previous two albums and will incorporate some new and perhaps unexpected elements for some. “I Am”, as the first single, is the furious introduction to our new disc. Working closely with director and content creator Peter Leukhardt (Annisokay, Beyond the Black & Rising Insane among others) and Tillypark Studios, we were able to make the song both visually appealing and expressive, putting an exclamation point behind our most professional production to date. A production that was made possible for us on this scale thanks in part to funding from Initiative Musik as part of the “Neustart-Kultur” program.”