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Friday, January 28, 2022

Persefone reveal searing new single “Katabasis”

Persefone are known for technical precision at its highest levels, and with their newest single “Katabasis” – out today alongside an astounding new music video created with the support of SDADV – draw dramatic, cinematic soundscapes mixed with electronic influences. The soft, clear vocals of Marc Martins alternate with sharp growls and bleak yet dynamic riffs. This ride ties in with the well-received first single “Merkabah” and leaves you anxiously awaiting Persefone ’s upcoming album, metanoia!

Persefone on “Katabasis”:

“”Katabasis” stands as the opening track of the new album and marks an important event when it comes to the concept of ‘metanoia’, as it led us to the depths of the being.
This song displays many of the elements that can be heard throughout the album, and we hope that it welcomes the listener to the journey we want to offer with all this new music.”