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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Phoebus The Knight release “The Black Dungeon”

“The Black Dungeon” is the new single and lyric video from the artful French aesthetes! 

Phoebus The Knight about “The Black Dungeon”:

“In this song, the knights of Heliopolis take Tiffauges, the castle of Gilles de Rais, by storm to try to stop his evil deeds. They face a horde of demons and warlocks and they fight with all they have for their values and for justice.

The song in itself is designed to be catchy and presents a modern symphonic metal aspect with a less neoclassical side. However, orchestrations are on the front line with beautiful melodic lines, key changes to enhance the epic mood and killer guitar solo!

The band chose this song as single for the EP as it presents a lot of what Phoebus The Knight can be.”

When history meets fantasy, when metal passion meets deepest love for great classical music, the result is operatic symphonic power metal at it’s best!

Phoebus The Knight are happy to launch a new serial of EP’s called “Phoebus The Knight Chronicles” that will cover side stories and lore of the universe of Phoebus The Knight !

The first of the serial is called “The Cursed Lord” and will be out physically and digitally on all streaming platforms on June 21st, 2023!

This EP will cover the fight between the knights of Heliopolis against Gilles de Rais that has fallen into the abysses of dark magic, demonology and madness.

Will the knights be able to bring peace back to the land of Rais ?

Stay tuned for more !