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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Popiół announce new album “Szeptun” with Pagan Records

Polish pagan black metal band Popiół have signed to Pagan Records to release their second album entitled “Szeptun”. 

Ahead of the release of “Szeptun”, Popiół (translates to “ash”) have released a music video to the album’s opening track “Jestem Antychrystem” (translates to “I Am the Antichrist”).

Watch the music video to “Jestem Antychrystem” below.

The band describes the album:

“Szeptun is to a large extent a concept album dealing with things that affect each of us every day, about madness, psychosis, death and suffering. About everything that is in our heads and what we are trying to erase. It is a direct journey into the total impatience of… our time.”

“Szeptun” was recorded in the autumn of 2021 and was mixed and mastered at the turn of 2021/22 at Satanic Audio studio.

Popiół’s band name is taken from Thy Worshiper’s debut album of the same name and refers to the emotions, climate and spirituality of the iconic album. Soon after the release of that album, new melodies were created that were meant to be recorded for the next Thy Worshiper album in 1998, but that never happened. Although that atmosphere and those emotions were hidden, they never died. After 20 years, those melodies were released in the form of Popiół’s debut album “Zabobony” (Godz ov War Productions, 2019). Former and current members of Thy Worshiper have created music about what is hidden in the noise of trees, wind and streams. About what we are afraid to think about, and about those who come to us in our dreams.

While the pandemic has forced many bands to cancel or postpone concerts, for Popiół it was time to create the second album, “Szeptun”, and find a new drummer: Piet (ex-Thy Worshiper).