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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Ravenous released a new video “The Alder Queen”

Hails to “The Alder Queen” as she takes her throne in the latest epic video from Canadian power metal warriors Ravenous. The track features guest vocals from Nina Osegueda of A Sound of Thunder and is off the band’s recently unleashed album “Hubris” (Feast Beast/ Spiritual Beast).

The band explains the track:

“This song is an alternate take on Der Erlkonig – a poem written by Goethe and later adapted into Opera by Franz Schubert – in which a father rides to get his son medical attention, while the child cries out about supernatural forces trying to claim his life (Der Erklonig – loosely translated to the Elf King or The Alder King). The father continues to console the child, telling them it is simply the child’s imagination seeing these things, but as the child finally cries that he has been captured, the father looks down to find his son has died. The Ravenous rendition features Die Erlkonigin – the Elf/Alder Queen, played by Nina Osegueda of A Sound of Thunder – and follows the trajectory of the original tale with lyrics extracted directly from the original poem from 1782.”

Taking their performance, writing, and musicianship seriously, but allowing tongue-in-cheek humour and pop culture references to resonate through the songs, Ravenous is bringing fans anthemic tunes from a time when metal was hungry.

Their new studio album “Hubris”, released on October 22nd, was produced by the band with mixing and mastering done by Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, Opeth, Firewind). The full-length features guests Vincent “Jake” Jones of Aether Realm, Heinrich Yoshio of Aether Realm, Mathias Blad of Falconer, Nina Osegueda of A Sound of Thunder and The Dread Crew of Oddwood (Full Band).