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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Reawacan released the new video for “Into Proliferation”

The German death metal duo Reawacan shared a new gem from the upcoming EP “Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling”, set to be released on October, 23rd.

The song is called “Into Proliferation” and you can listen to it in its full force on the band’s YouTube channel! 

Far from the modern and extreme concept of death metal genre, the German Reawacan comes back after releasing the self-titled debut album in 2019. The new EP “Pandemic Coverage & Old Schooling” showcases once more the eclectic attitude of the duo. The descriptive growl and the groove-rich drumming are always the core of the band’s sound, while “Into Proliferation” displays “new entries” like the fretless bass and the use of female vocals in the background.


Dan Krieger – vocals, guitars, bass

Marco Gebert – drums