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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Red Cain announce 2021 release date for new album “Kindred: Act II”

Canada’s Red Cain is finishing their “Kindred” saga with the release of “Kindred: Act II”. The album was originally slated to be unleashed on December 4th, 2020, but due to interruptions caused by this year’s main culprit, Covid, the band has decided to push back their second studio album’s digital sales date to January 22, 2021, along with announcing the CD physical release will be done by Sliptrick Records at a later date in the new year.

The band comments:

“We are very excited to partner with Sliptrick Records yet again for the physical release of our next album, with this partnership helping us to sell over 1000 copies of “Kindred: Act I” in Europe over the past 6 months. To make sure we coordinate properly and deliver to all our fans worldwide, we are delaying the official album release to Jan 2021. But fear not, Varyags – because we will fill the gap with a monster single that we are particularly proud of, to thank you all for your patience.”

“Kindred: Act II” follows Red Cain’s 2019 album “Kindred: Act I” also unleashed via Sliptrick Records. Over the past few months of this year, they have shared four singles off the forthcoming full-length “Sunshine (Blood Sun Empire)”, “Demons”, “Kindred” and “Varyag and The Shrike”, which can be heard below. Recommended for fans of Kamelot, Mastodon, and Amaranthe.