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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Renegade Angel’s “Jokesters” single and music video out now

Renegade Angel, the epitome of melodic heavy metal prowess, unveils a seismic revelation – the lead single from their forthcoming EP, the eponymous “Jokesters”. This heralds a thrilling new chapter as the band introduces an evolved lineup, featuring Finnish guitar virtuoso Samuli Federley on lead guitars and Norwegian Power Metal luminary Marius Danielsen in the producer’s chair. Powerhouse vocalist Craig Cairns (known for his work with Induction and Tailgunner) takes the helm, promising a performance of unparalleled intensity.

Jani Pöysä (songwriter) offers insight into the metamorphosis:

“Though the lineup has shifted, the core essence of Renegade Angel remains unaltered. Brace for an auditory voyage adorned with infectious riffs, monumental choruses, mind-bending solos, and our signature harmonies. Embracing both hard rock elements and darker nuances, this EP expands our musical horizons.”

Samuli Federley, the maestro behind the strings, adds:

“Contributing to this album was an exhilarating experience. The songs exude sheer potency, and I’ve poured my heart into crafting my best guitar work. Let’s unite as metal devotees and relish this sonic thrill together!”

Prepare for the melodic onslaught as Renegade Angel invites you to join them on this riveting journey. Follow them on social media for updates, and gear up for the EP’s release that is poised to carve its name into the tapestry of metal history.

Embark on a sonic journey led by a fierce Finnish metalhead, with epic visions brought to life by a handpicked crew of musical virtuosos. From breakneck speed power metal anthems to soul-stirring rock ballads, a relentless sonic thrill ride awaits.Infectious riffs, mighty choruses, mind-bending solos, and embracing harmonies – we’ve got it all.

Our lyrics delve into the dystopian fabric of our world, championing empowerment and the fight for what’s right. Join our ranks and become part of something greater than sound – become a Renegade!

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Promo pic by Victoria Zaitseva