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Resolution 13 discusses about new single “T-13”

Finnish industrial groove metal band Resolution 13 has recently unveiled their new single “T-13”, released on April 20th, 2023, through Sliptrick Records. Serving as a precursor to their full-length album “Derelict”, due May 23, the track showcases the band’s unique blend of sci-fi and metal, heavily inspired by the legendary “Terminator” franchise.

Recently, band members Dallas 13 and Hardtone shed light on the creative process behind “T-13” and the influences that shaped its sound and direction:

“First of all, everything about our music revolves around Sci-Fi/space-related stuff, and our love and passion for the greater unknown out there”,

says Dallas 13. 

“Music itself is something I can’t live without. When I hear a good song, even just a part or a riff, I instantly visualize it in my mind and see it as a video. When I get an idea for a song, I start the process with synths, like a painter who applies the base colors on a canvas. Another important aspect during the process is renting a cabin from a decent distance (far away from Helsinki) in Finland and recording demo vocals in peaceful solitude.”

For Hardtone, it’s all about waiting to hear a demo version of a song while already set for an adventure in the vastness of space:

“First I just listen to what the song wants to say. From there I start to write lyrics and then we arrange parts together.”

The band members also discuss the personal significance of some tracks on the upcoming album “Derelict”. Dallas 13 comments:

“”T-13” has been the hardest to put together, but it is both visually and musically the most satisfying song after all. And “My Precious Star” I wrote for my daughter, so there is a lot of meaning to it.» Meanwhile, Hardtone shares his connection to “Messiah” and “Lost Keys”, a track written for his late mother: “Through many different sessions and demos, all the tracks have taken their final form. On a personal level, every track has gone from being a stranger to becoming a friend. “Messiah” is very close to my heart, and I also wrote “Lost Keys” for my mother who passed away 5 years ago. Writing and recording it was very difficult, but ultimately very satisfying and relieving. My sister also provided some backup as we sang it together.”

This new album signifies a huge step forward in the band’s development, moving closer to their desired soundscape of grand, theatrical music.

“I believe every new record is a step forward, and for us, this one has been an impressive leap of 11 steps”, says Dallas 13. Hardtone adds: “We now have more ‘radio-friendly’ tracks, film more videos, and enjoy playing live almost anywhere, from small clubs to outdoor festivals. The sky’s the limit for us. Our music is for everyone, as it is the most universal language. People should listen to us more in that way. Although we don’t like to be categorized, who else plays space metal nowadays? (laughs)”

As they continue to push boundaries, Resolution 13 hopes that fans will connect with their unique and distinct sound, and join them on this intergalactic adventure.