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Revolution Of Two (R.O.T.) release new single “Pretending To Live”

Italian modern deathcore trio Revolution Of Two (R.O.T.) are pleased to announce the release of their new single “Pretending To Live” featuring the bassist of the mexican band Blinded By Hate Uriel Olvera.

For this release, they did a special anime music video which underlines the imagery and visual style adopted by the band.

The lyrics is about reflections on the unconscious, dreams, desires and fears.

Revolution Of Two (R.O.T.) are:
Eddy Scissorshand (Edoardo Merlino): vocals and guitars
Louis Littlebrain (Luigi Cervellini): guitars
Bratt Spacedog (Matteo Spacagna): keys

Louis comments:

“This is a huge step for the band, this song is an approach to new sounds and style of composition. We never experienced to arrange and compose a song like this. We tried to underline through the lyrics we wrote the theme of the errors.”

Eddy adds:

“For this new release we decided to release an AMV, both to emphasize our editorial line close to the world of anime and manga but also because we wanted to be as original as possible, in a period where (due to restrictions) we cannot realize an official videoclip.”

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