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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Rodtgod unleashes “Filamentis” video

The Germany-based doom metaller Rodtgod is going to release his new EP “Graveside Service” on March 3rd. You can have a foretaste thanks to the official video for the song “Filamentis” – watch it on the band’s YouTube channel! 

As the title suggests, “Graveside Service” sings a swansong of a failed life form and the ways in which it suspends itself out of the orbit of an otherwise bright system with more potential and hope than it receives credit for. Nevertheless. A glimmer of hope remains, when closing the eyes, thinking that the living learn from the deceased. May it instill some thought into the mind of the listener. Being rather blunt and less optimistic than other artist’s offerings, “Graveside Service” stands on its own as a short excursion into the abyss of the human experience. Where all is doomed in one way or another. Either to endure,or to diminish…

1. Filamentis

2. Tomb

3. Graveside Service

4. What Was Does Not Define..

“Graveside Service” has been fully recorded, mixed, and mastered by the artist himself. It will be available in streaming and digital download formats. Don’t miss it if you are a fan of Paradise Lost!