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Ross the Boss joins Distorted Reflection as the guest guitarist

“We are really pleased and proud to announce that Ross Friedman will be the guest guitarist for the upcoming Distorted Reflection album! The legendary American metal guitarist will perform the solo for the sixth song “Cassandra” and this will also be the third single and lyric video out of our debut album \m/ DOOM RULES ETERNALLY!!!”

The album “Doom Rules Eternally” will also feature two other important guests! The iconic Greek rock guitarist Giannis Drolapas will perform the solo for the final song “The Eternal Gate” and Nicholas Leptos (Arrayan Path, Warlord), one of the very best metal singers in Cyprus and mother Greece, will perform the vocals for the opening song “Mr. Snake”.

The recording, the mixing and the mastering for the first Distorted Reflection album will be completed this summer. Right after this, the band will reveal the label that will release the work and the 3 lyric videos featuring these great guests. Stay tuned for more updates.

Doom Rules = D.R.
Distorted Reflection = D.R.