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Rotpit have revealed a second song “Let There Be Rot”

German/Swedish gorelords Rotpit have revealed a second song from their upcoming debut full-length album “Let There Be Rot”, set for release on April 14th 2023 through War Anthem Records.

Rotpit  is a project band consisting of Jonny Pettersson (known from Wombbath, Massacre, Berzerker Legion and others), Ralf Hauber (Revel In Flesh, Heads For The Dead) and Henrik Posingis (Revel In Flesh), heavily inspired by early Finnish and British Death Metal and several other obscure underground bands from the early days of the movement.

Raise the volume for some sickness! Death metal – the raw, simple and heavy way!

Artwork by T. Kannibalet Hietomaa.

1. Slimebreeder 
2. Night Of The Ultimate Rot
3. Let There Be Rot
4. Rottenness
5. Beastfeaster
6. Shitburner
7. Deathtrip
8. Into The Rotpit
9. The Serenade Of Rot


Jonny Pettersson – guitars / bass / mix & mastering
Ralf Hauber – vocals / lyrics & concept
Henrik Posingis – drums