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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

RuinThrone reelase new music video “I Am The Night”

With a month until the release of their new J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired sophomore album “The Unconscious Mind Of Arda” due out this coming January 2023 via Rockshots Records, Italian fantasy power metallers RuinThrone are sharing with fans their latest music video for the single “I Am The Night”. In this song, the band tells the fair approval brought by those who dare to go in the opposite direction. The song is dedicated to those who bring divergence, for those who have the courage to be a dissonant voice. Morgoth is the symbol of all this; in the Iluvatar theme he refused to play music, which was supposed to be well-tuned with the others, instead, he played a dissonant melody. This daring action will be a messenger of new creations. Banished in the void, alone, the song imagines Morgoth laughing at his punishments while completing his work.

The band adds about the track:

“Talking about which song would every one of us would have picked as a single, everybody agreed we needed at least one to be a kick-ass power metal song. That kind of song that, while playing live, you can see people flying in the venue and head banging till the end. So the choice was between this one and Blessed By Loneliness. It wasn’t easy to choose, but eventually, we choose I Am The Night. The chorus is so epic, Haedus reaches the highest notes of his vocal extension and it’s also easy to be sung by the audience. The guitar and keys solos are so rad and fast, the double bass drum, the duration of the song…there was no other choice, but pick this one.”

Ruinthrone’s “The Unconscious Mind Of Arda” is the follow-up totheir 2013 debut album “Urban Ubris”. “The Unconscious Mind Of Arda” is composed of storied songs inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s poem, “Legendarium”. The band hopes the concepts they wrote can be “messengers” of reflection for their listeners, turning in a better awareness of their daily life.

“With this album, we think we reached our own identity. Back in the early years, we started with a classic German power metal style, but year by year we changed and matured musically. This is why we use 7-string guitars with 1/2 step-down tuning, extreme vocals, etc. For this new record, we also focused on an alternative point of view of some stories written by Tolkien. We thought it would have been interesting to explore not only some interesting characters and heroes but also the mind of the main villains”,

adds guitarist Nicolò de Maria.

“The Unconscious Mind Of Arda” is mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Orlando (sound tech for Rhapsody of Fire) at the Outer Sound Studios.