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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Sabaton releases a cover version of Manowar’s “Kingdom Come”

There is no rest for the wicked: after already releasing a set of fantastic singles once again proving the inexhaustible creativity of Sabaton, the band releases a cover version of Manowar’s “Kingdom Come”, born as a tribute to the American metal heroes and a video game collaboration.

Pär Sundström, co-founder of Sabaton and bass player, states:

“Our fans have spoken. YOU requested the release of this song everywhere, so this is for all of you!

This recording was meant to be a tribute to Manowar and a collaboration with a video game bearing the same name, when we recorded it a few years ago.

are happy to see that you appreciate the song so much, and we have paid attention to your wishes and requests. You asked for it, you got it!”

Even before its physical release on August 27, the Limited Black/Red Spot 12” Vinyl became a popular collector’s item with high scarcity value: The 666 copies were sold out within days. The EP includes “Metal Trilogy”, a medley of three Sabaton songs: “Metal Ripper”, “Metal Crüe” and “Metal Machine”.

The band announced their “Tour To End All Tours” two weeks ago: in spring 2022, Sabaton will be visiting 26 cities in 17 countries, bringing their ground-breaking modern metal to the people and delivering breathtaking live shows in a setting that will once again set new bars for concerts of this kind. Sabaton will be supported by Mongolian rock band The Hu and Finnish heavy metal veterans Lordi.