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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Sacrifix shares a brutal lyric video against repression, censorship, and the dictatorship

Brazilian old school thrashers of Sacrifix, who have always been against all kinds of censorship, prejudice and dictatorship, have released a brutal lyric video for their latest and visceral single “Raped Democracy”, using strong images like a parallel with the 1964 Brazilian dictatorship (context of the lyrics) with all the alarming moment of segregation, repression, impositions, omissions, and unpreparedness by the incompetent government in these years.

“We have to fight against corrupt governments, fascists, dictators, and bandits, that is, governments that don’t represent us, and not fight among ourselves – the people – in favor of pet politicians, this way we will only level ourselves down with these corrupt dictator people! Stop raping our democracy!”,

commented Frank Gasparotto.

Frank Gasparotto, about his search for images for this new Lyric Video, commented:

“I tried to rescue images that translate the feeling of anguish and repression present every time people tried to manifest themselves or their art against the regime. Present and violent authoritarianism with no chance to contest”.

In this song, Frank Gasparotto (vocals/guitar), Kexo (bass) and Gustavo Piza (drums) had the special guest appearances by Murillo Leite (vocals/Genocidio) and Mauricio Amaral (1st guitar solo/Anthares).

Sacrifix’s forthcoming second album, still untitled, will bring an even more aggressive, cohesive, heavy and technical band, with greater emphasis on guitar riffs and much more aggressive vocals.

“Our initial idea was to surpass what we did in “World Decay 19″, defining our identity – especially in the more worked vocals – in a more full-bodied work, aggressive and even more #¿$?%!¡ with everything that has been happening in our country and in the world”,

commented Frank Gasparotto.

“Raped Democracy” and a reworked version of the track “Thrash Again”, previously released on the latest EP “The Limit Of Thrash”, are two of the tracks that will be part of their forthcoming new and still untitled album due out later in the first half of 2023.