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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Sailor Hunter released a new EP and music video

Swedish Gothenburg-based melodic death metal band Sailor Hunter released their self titled EP on May 19th 2022 via Inverse Records. To celebrate the release, also a new music video “Life” is released and it can be seen below. 

The band comments the tracks on EP:

“This EP is about Death, Addiction, Love and Broken dreams. A true story.”

-The beginning of everything

-To see what’s left of a person’s body after the end in the most violent way. When the remains are put in a black trash bag and to relive it in your dreams forever. That’s your mind that is scarred.

-Trying to find meaning in the past and use the wrongs as instructions of what not to do in the future. To be able to function in this life.

-To follow your dreams sometimes breaks your heart and spirit. Failing is a lonely struggle and people seem to find joy in other people’s failure.

-Sometimes love gets you, you feel you deserve it the least. 

We are Sailor Hunter. Swedish metal band that started as a one-man online project by our guitarist Al Rinald. Sailor Hunter’s influences are among others the mighty metal Gothenburg sound. With a touch of symphonic orchestra and American groove metal together with inspiration from the Mediterranean sea, Sailor Hunter delivers metal from the heart.

In 2018 Al joined force with Drummer Kutte Gashi were began their journey to where they stand today, as co-founders to Sailor hunter. Sailor Hunter grew in 2019 in pursuit of musicians suited for the vision and quality of the band.

Today Sailor Hunters official lineup is a four-man-band formed by the talented bass player Filip Jovanov and the charismatic Stellan Berndtsson, which delivers powerful and emotional vocals. The heart of the band is four members giving their passion in songwriting and soul in every production. Together we are Sailor Hunter.

Promo picture by Al Rinald